Wednesday, March 22, 2017


This ad will run in magazines such as Fortune, Forbes, Robb Report, Modern Luxury, etc. and also be a flier that gets sent out to potential buyers.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Week 10 EOC - Channels

The channels I'm going to use to get my product noticed are: 
  1. Commercial – I'm going to film a commercial of a beautiful woman dressed impeccably, admiring the car on the outside, getting in the car to admire its luxurious interior and then driving off in the car with her hair down to show the power of the car. 
  1. Giveaway – I'm going to research if it could be possible to do a giveaway at a high end mall such as fashion show mall and have the car on display. 
  1. Facebook page – I'm going to create a facebook page for fans and customers to follow. 
  1. PR Stunt – I'm going to race a Lexus RC F vs BMW M4 
  1. Magazine – I'm going to run an ad in high end magazines such as Fortune, Forbes, Robb Report, Modern Luxury, etc.

Week 10 EOC - Guido Heffels

Guido Heffels is the Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of the German company, Heimat Webeagentur. His company has been recognized globally and he has won many awards throughout his career. "In the second year of its existence, the advertising agency established at the end of 1999 was named Newcomer Agency of the Year."  Heimat won the AME Silver Medallion for 2016 (Advertising and Marketing Effectiveness) for representing the brand Hornbach. He has taken his company to the top in Germany. "Heimat is one of the country's leading agencies, with monumental wins at this year's German 2014 ADC Awards amounting to 27 medals, including 5 gold and one Grand Prix. It was also named "Agency of the Year 2013" by Werben & Verkaufen, "Independent Agency of the Year" at Eurobest 2013 and "Best in Show" at the Advertising Effectiveness Awards 2014." The latest ad he did stirred up some interesting conversations. It’s a commercial for Hornbach, presenting the struggle of a DIY project, although the delivery is a little unconventional. A naked man appears on a summit, ready to take on his project. "Created by agency Heimat, which has done lots of quirky work for Hornbach over the years, the ad seeks to convey all the emotions one feels when undertaking a DIY project. Our man—who is preparing to dig his own pond—first appears on a summit, ready to take on the world as the wind whistles through his hair (and his liberated genitals). His tip forward is a metaphor for reality, where he lifts a pickaxe into the air and heaves it decisively into the ground." I love how he depicted the liberation of being able to take on any project. Heffels conveys his message in a way that many people can relate to, which is why I believe his company has been so successful.